Weekly Top 5 (6.30.19)

The Top 5 Posts that Brought You Here this Week

Who’s ready to see the most popular posts from last week?! You are?! Well, then take a gander right here and see if there are any you’ve missed!

1.Earl, Meet Judgy McJudgerson. It’s ridiculous that someone is so obsessed with what I’m publishing on my little homeschooling mom blog that they’re lurking around and checking “likes” and comments?! Secondly, people who try to silence others from using their God-given critical thinking skills are generally concerned that the people they’re trying to control are about to find out something that is truthful!”

2.Social Proofs. “When people are trying to reason through their choices, they will often say, ‘Well, so-and-so is doing this, and I like them a lot, so why are you being difficult and telling me it’s a bad idea?’”

3.Conflict is Good. “I have seen the Matthew 18 model work in a way that gives glory to God and restores relationships. I have also seen it work horribly. Matthew 18 should not be a threat to silence people or stifle reasonable exchange of ideas. It should be considered an opportunity to minister and create peace in a way that gives the glory to God and restores those in conflict into relationship.”

4.Homeschool Idol. “All this time I’ve been saying I couldn’t homeschool without CC. What I should have been saying is I couldn’t homeschool without GOD.”

5.Gaslighting – What Is It? “When an organization changes its practices regularly, it lends itself to situations where gaslighting can occur easily. When an organization preaches humility to it’s leadership – which is a good thing – it lends itself to difficulty thinking a differing opinion is allowed to exist. When leaders speak down to you, or tell you that you just don’t understand from the correct perspective – without giving you the tools to see it from “the right perspective” – it sets up an unhealthy, abusive relationship.”

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