Weekly Top 5 (7/14/19)

The Top 5 Posts that Brought You Here this Week

The Top 5 posts this past week are a mixture of new and old. Enjoy!

1.Riding Fences. “I had no issue with talking the Biblical talk because the people around me also spoke the Christian-ese and it was a valuable way to communicate. We genuinely believed our efforts were making a difference in redeeming a corrupt culture. But now that I’ve had a little time out of the rank and file of the organization, I’ve been convicted that I was wrong, really wrong, to mix ministry and business the way I did. I just didn’t know any better. That’s what all of us did.”

2.Lessons from Livestock Camp. “So, for the tenderfoot in the room, a livestock camp is a multi-day retreat where you learn about your animal: nutrition, showing, health, etc. Our particular livestock camp was for goats, pigs, lamb, and steer… Yes, there was a lot of poop.”

3.Parade Etiquette. “The children must be controlled and managed. They may not run into the roadway or they impede the parade and may become flattened pancakes. That would make everyone sad because it is not the way that a parade is supposed to be. No smooshed children should be at a parade. They should be along the side of the road, eagerly anticipating the next entry and what priceless treats are to come.”

4.Liability. “Business issues could affect your personal credit score. Credit scores are used as part of the evaluation process for all sorts of things from insurance rates to rental verifications.”

5.Social Proofs. ““In destructive sects, the principle of social proof is used extensively. For example, current members are encouraged to repeat courses for a reduced fee or even free. Then if the group begins to do anything strange, or different, or a bit weird, and the new people are having second doubts, when they look around and see the members acting as if all is normal, they are reassured and will even join in. This often means that they will carry out behaviors that previously they would not have done.” 

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