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The longer I blog, the more I believe in sharing the love. I suspect you’re about sharing the love, too.


My stats pages can tell me a little bit about you, technical things like IP addresses, entry and exit pages, and where you’re located. I have no idea why you’re here but am incredibly honored you’d spend your time reading these thoughts about relationships, family, and life.


All the statistics in the can’t tell me the most important things about you – who you are, what makes you tick, and how you spend your time. I’d like to know! Would you be willing to share?


Consider this your personal invitation to strategize with yours truly. Drop me a line.  Who are you and where do you call home?  It’ll be nice to meet you.


If you have your own blog/website, please include the link and social media contact points so readers of StealingFaith can know you’re out there and come visit you!


(Caveat: I try to keep StealingFaith um… non-explicit… so if your stuff is rated a bit higher than PG-13 I reserve the right to remove your link. Unless your stuff involves watching your toddler eat their own poop. Then it’s totally acceptable.)


Regardless, please leave me a comment introducing yourself. Your comment here will let me know that you visited, and that will make my day! (And while you’re at it, check out facebook and Twitter and sign up to get posts via email!)


Can’t wait to meet you!


Until I learn about you, here are a few of my favorite places to visit in my free time:

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