Clowning Around

Yesterday we went on a grand adventure to Costco, the mecca of all bulk purchasing stores.

I am ashamed to admit we did not buy toilet paper.

Lizard said that he would seriously consider marital separation if he had to share the house with any more rolls of toilet paper, as he has already put toilet paper rolls in every drawer, closet, nook and cranny of the house and we have a full, unopened package of 36 rolls still in residence on the floor of the guest room.

Though I usually argue that toilet paper is a consumable product and therefore worthy of purchase every time we go to Costco I decided to play it safe this time and leave the toilet paper out of the cart.

After we enjoyed the beauty that is Costco we ate at In-N-Out, Lizard’s favorite restaurant ever, and headed home.

Uno and Dos were full of sheer giddiness from the excitement of the adventure and the five gallons of frozen yogurt they had eaten with the endorsement of Grandma and Grandpa.  Short of flinging handfuls of glitter in the air for a time of raucous play, nothing was going to live up to the excitement level they were experiencing.

I was trapped in the backseat of the Suburban in between Uno and Dos where I could also stuff bits of beef jerky into Tres’ mouth when she squawked.

All this to say it was a bit dodgy in the backseat and I got desperate.  So we played pretend.

There we were, driving down the interstate, playing pretend.  This version involved designing our dream vehicle.

We finally settled on a pink golf cart designed to look like a clown wearing glasses with a speaker disguised as a hat that played Imagination Movers as it tooled down the street.

(Personally I think that playing mariachi music would be much more charismatic than Imagination Movers, but, hey, why fight the battles?)

It took awhile for us to get all the design aspects right, which I then asked my husband to bring into splendid reality for your viewing pleasure.

And Lizard, the photoshopping jedi, recreated it.

I suspect we’ll be getting calls from all the golf courses any day now for orders of this design now that it’s been released to the general public.

Eat it up, folks, eat it up.

What about you?  What crazy games have you played to keep the kiddos occupied?


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