We’re Back!

I need to start by apologizing for my absence for the past two days.  Missing two days in a row pains my heart because I was on such a roll of posting every day!  I promise, I did post while on the road but the evils of the WordPress app and terrors of travel conspired against me and my two posts disappeared into the great unkown called The World Wide Web.

I’m still mourning their loss because the competitive side of me is in defeat – until the past two days I had posted every day since going public with stealingfaith.com.  Now, my streak is broken!

Of course, if we’re talking “streaking” that’s a better type of streaking than what I witnessed this morning.  My dear sweet ruffians, upon arrival at Grandma and Grandpa’s house, stripped down to their bare nothings and played in the red dirt, running up past us on the porch on occasion to yell and pretend they were dogs.

I’m a great believer in kids learning to be comfortable in their own skin – and a locale remote enough to not get caught in their own skin!

Today is the start of a new month, a new year of marriage (our anniversary was yesterday!) and a new living adventure for us.

We will have to get used living in a little mountain town at 7,000 feet!  When we got in last night it was 52 degrees!  On the way down the mountain to Grandma and Grandpa’s we passed an enormous elk with a full rack.  It was probably the sized of Stella… and then a little later there was a deer on the side of the road and all I could do was squeak: “Oh… deer!” while Lizard hit the breaks.

Oh, the life will be wild around here!

So tell me, since I’m still a little brain dead and have no good stories of my own to tell today:

What are some of the ways you celebrate new adventures?

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