Coo Coo for Coupons

I have had a glimpse into coupon mania.

This afternoon I went with a master couponist (that’s my own, made up title – in case you were wondering) and discovered my basic “cut a coupon, get a discount” shopping is small potatoes when you get serious.

We walked out of the store with six bottles of conditioner, three razors, two caramels, a Zyrtec and rainchecks for Motrin PM and Bayer aspirin paying about $3 and accumulating $30 in CVS store cash.

CVS paid us to take products home.

I don’t know exactly how it happened but I saw it with my own eyes and I now know it can be done.  I understand a website called can help and I’m going to spend some quality time figuring out this coupon game.

When my friend was clipping the coupons and pulling things from her crazy filing system of coupons I admit, I had some doubts about her sanity.  I obediently cut out coupons and watched her carefully organize them in her coupon folder, answered that I liked ice cream when she asked if I wanted free ice cream with a $2 coupon, and nodded as though I understood when she told me she gets free toothpaste all the time and I’ll never pay for toothpaste again.

I repeat, I don’t know exactly what happened but I saw it with my own eyes and I now know it can be done.

In other news, Uno has learned to roll her eyes and Dos caught a frog today.  What else could a mom ask for?

I’m starting to get clammy hands at the thought of incorporating all your ideas into my 100th post.  In fact, I suspect I’m going to be writing a snarky 100th post and then elaborating on your questions in posts to follow.  But I’m loving putting all the planning pressure on you – so if you have a topic suggestion for the 100th post, please leave it in the comments.  As I said before, I promise to discuss every suggestion in 600 words or less.

Can’t wait!

Have you been a part of coupon clipping mania?  What is your best bargain story?

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One thought on “Coo Coo for Coupons

  • June 14, 2011 at 10:41 pm

    🙂 I am so proud of myself that as I read those bargains, I knew you went to CVS. You see, CVS is actually one of the easiest stores to use coupons at because they have rewards program that puts cash back on the reward card. Easy. I nab a few of those deals at CVS once a while– the kind where you get rewards, plus if younhave a coupon you actually make money. CVS is best for that.


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