Maine: The Great Unknown

Have you ever seen the movie Swing Vote with Kevin Costner?  The premise is a political race that will be decided based on how one man, played by Kevin Costner, will vote.  Each of the candidates wines and dines Costner’s character, runs political ads based on his preferences and does everything they can manage to sway him to their side.

Well, I’m about to Swing Vote the state of Maine.

I’ve mentioned I have really cool stats for  One of those processes shows me a little pin point from every IP address location that visits this site.

I have never, ever had someone from the state of Maine visit  This is a tragedy.

Perhaps it’s because I haven’t shown enough appreciation for the state, because we all know that relationships are based upon respect and interest.  So it’s time to change my attitude, immediately.

I’m going to spend three days writing about the state of Maine to show my commitment to the Mainers.  (That’s the official name for a Maine resident, I’ve discovered.)  These posts will not only prove valuable to the relationship-building process for the Mainers, but also provide important Trivial Pursuit knowledge for the rest of the readers who may have never given much thought to the only state in the US whose name has only one syllable.

(See, you’re learning already, aren’t you?)

Up until this point my only knowledge of Maine has been that it produces blueberries (90% of the blueberries in the US, in fact!) and that it is the home of Bowdoin College, which is the alma mater of a guy I dated in graduate school.  He played football there and talked a lot about Colgate College, which I guess was a rival, but only made me want to brush my teeth.

Now, I don’t think I’m the only person who has neglected the state of Maine, so it’s now your civic duty to get involved.  We need our Maine friends to know about this campaign.

If you know of someone in Maine, send them the link to and ask them to tell us what we’re missing with our ignorance.  Have them educate us about their beloved homeland!

I’ll be keeping track on my state statcounter and sending my best Mainer rhetoric their direction!  We will soon be learning about Maine Coon Cats and Toothpicks!  (Can’t wait, can you?!)

On your mark, get set… go!  Get Maine involved in!

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3 thoughts on “Maine: The Great Unknown

  • July 11, 2011 at 8:44 pm

    Well, I have broken the mold. I am from Maine, well my husband is, but I have lived there for the past year and a half (before moving to Arizona this week). What are you missing in Maine? Well, you would guess that everyone lives around lobsters, and eats a lot of fish, but the truth is that we are from a small city in northern Maine without any of the pre-mentioned. We do however have a lot of moose, and mosquitoes. We have the real 4 seasons, a frigid snowy winter, a wet spring, a mildly warm summer, and a BEAUTIFUL fall. The leaves on the trees turn every hue from yellow, to red, to orange. The pace is slow, the people are mostly friendly, and potatoes rule the soil. I would say it is a ‘good place to be from’, and it will always be a great place to visit. So, check it our for yourself. Have a lobster, blueberries, and the state dessert, a whoopie pie. Enjoy what it has to offer, Maine… the way life should be.

  • July 12, 2011 at 6:51 am

    Yay!! Someone who can appreciate how little press Maine gets! (And the press we do get usually isn’t positive.) Among some of the questions I’ve gotten when visiting other states (which concerns me about what our educational system in this country is teaching in geography): YES!! We have running water, electricity, and television! No, we don’t use outhouses. Yes I’ve seen a moose, although I don’t go out of my way to find one because they are more dangerous than you might think. We are indeed a part of the U.S., NOT Canada– and we are our own state (although originally part of Massachusetts).
    Thanks for sending us Mainers/Mainiacs some love! 🙂


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