Campfire Crunch – What?!

Several years ago I picked up a Family Fun magazine and my world collapsed.

I was in the middle of a toddler under two-years-old and a baby with colic who expelled stomach acids on me non-stop.  We lived in a tiny apartment surrounded by college men who played darts and loud music until 4 a.m. regularly, had just moved from friends and family, and it wasn’t the best time I’ve had in my life.

That Family Fun magazine mocked me.  It demolished me.

The only thing I was holding on to at the point was my commitment to being the best mother I could be.  And Family Fun magazine proved to me I was failing.  I have a confession to make:

I hate crafts.

Crafts are right up there along with pushing kids on swings.  I hate it.

I’m pretty handy with cross-stitch, sewing and quilting, but give me some macrame or a pile pf pipe cleaners and I decide it’s preferable to snort cayenne pepper.

It took me months to come to grips with the knowledge I will never be the “best” mom because I won’t ever hand my kids a glue stick, stacks of scrap paper, and ask them to build a tiny replica of the Taj Mahal.

I’ve been ok with that.

Until I saw this on MoneySavingMom:

What is that?  Who does this for their kids’ snacktime?  I mean, maybe for a birthday party or a special event, but, seriously?  A campfire created out of cheese, pretzel sticks and grapes???

That’s it.  I’m obviously an unfit mother so I’ll be putting my kids up for adoption.  And they’re taking the Play Dough with them.

What’s the most ridiculously creative thing you’ve ever done?

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One thought on “Campfire Crunch – What?!

  • July 29, 2011 at 6:42 am

    I AGREE!
    And I had to homeschool last semester!
    Crafts are evil. Unless someone else does them.
    (And cheese and grapes and pretzels don’t sound that appetizing to me. I wonder if I could make the whole thing out of different colored chocolate…)

    Thanks for stopping by!


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