Orange You A Chinese Sugar Daddy?

Remember when I got the giggles over pole dancing for Christ?

Well, I’ve got them all over again because it seems Chinese men have given up on physique-building routines like karate and Tai Chi to take up… pole dancing.

Really?  Really?!

There I was, reading a story from Newsweek about whether college educations are worth the price tag – a favorite subject these days with the tough economy and such – and there it was.  A story about how Chinese men are flocking toward poles for their athletic honing.

The pole dancing instructor tells us it’s a great way for men to gain upper body tone.  And… after watching the gyrations on the video, I can believe that!

In fact, I think what I saw in the video was more reminiscent of the crazy pole acrobatics in the Lion King parade in Disneyland than of Demi Moore in Striptease or, my eyeballs are still burning!, what we see from drunken starlets.

What was more disturbing to me than the thought of diminutive Chinese men straddling metal bars and twirling around and around and around is the story that came up next on the page.

(Thank you, StumbleUpon, for changing my world.  I’m very much enjoying this web browsing experience, though I would prefer it if you would abstain from pole dancing Chinese men in the future.  And sugar daddies.)

The article underneath Chinese pole dancing talked about the increase of “sugar daddies” for college women.  It seems there are websites, one in the story in particular, that specialize in connecting young, young women with men who have money and need companionship.

But it’s not prostitution.  It’s companionship for hire.  And women who aren’t afraid of their own sexuality will continue to embrace it because college educations are very expensive.

Those loans must be paid somehow.  Why not through deceptive relationships?

Really?  Really?!

I wish I had the words to discuss with these women how their choices can change their lives.  How their willingness to see sexuality as a power struggle and a transaction will booby-trap them in their quest for anything resembling normalcy and relational happiness later in life.

My heart is breaking.

It’s breaking for the sugar-daddies, too.  Because somehow they’ve decided relationships are too scary.  They’re financial independent and emotionally scared.

I don’t want to think about stories like this.  I don’t want to take part in other people’s sicknesses.

I’d love to bury my head in the sand and just live in my little mountaintop town, having garage sales and homeschooling my little girls.  I really would.

But what kind of world am I releasing my girls in to? How can I be a part of the solution and not the problem (which is what I would be if I simply ignore it)?

This thought process is why I believe in the Orange Movement.  There is a hurting world and if we aren’t doing something to heal it, we aren’t doing what we’re called to do.

Everyone should care.  Everyone needs to care.

So… enough of the hoochie-coochie and sugar daddy and stuff that makes my heart break!  I want an army of people who will heal this world, person-by-person!

What are you going to do to change your world?

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