Swing Vote: North Dakota

I think… I think it’s about time.

After the success of our Swing Vote: Maine campaign I think it’s time to share some love with another unloved state: North Dakota.

I originally wanted to Swing Vote South Dakota but then I realized I know people from South Dakota and the challenge would be too easy.  I can bribe people from South Dakota to read StealingFaith.com… or even force them by familial ties, since my brother-in-law is a South Dakota-type-dude who has seen the light and moved to the Valley of the Sun.

So, instead I’m going to work with North Dakota.  And you know how this goes, I write about North Dakota and your job is to share this link and request for North Dakota readers with everyone you know who might know someone who spends the majority of their year in various stages of fluffy down filling and Cuddle Duds.

In return we all learn some fun facts about a lesser-known state and then we rock the North Dakota section of Trivial Pursuit or win the million dollar question on Jeopardy!

So, let’s start with what I know about North Dakota and work from here getting facts verified:

1. It is cold.  It has to be!  In fact, in my mind I think of North Dakota and I see a few people separated by miles and miles of snowy wasteland who say, “eh?” after all of their statements.

2. Dave Barry has a special relationship with the state of North Dakota.  I love Dave Barry – his writing makes me cackle almost every time.  When I was teaching I used some of his columns for our humor section – and he wrote on column mocking North Dakotans for trying to change their name and another about how the North Dakotans named a sewer treatment plant after him.  Made me cry with laughter.  So Dave Barry and North Dakota will always be connected in my head.

3. Snowboarding and North Dakota aren’t kissin’ cousins.  I had someone tell me snowboarding was invented in North Dakota and that made my day, because, I tell you what, the best part of moving to our Mountaintop Town is going to be the fact we’re only a half hour from the mountain and snowboarding will be ours!

But then I started googling “snowboarding and North Dakota” and I discovered my original informant was a liar!  A liar, I tell you!  I can find no connection at this point between snowboarding and North Dakota, and, my friends, I do not know which entity is more saddened by this news, snowboarding as a sport of North Dakota as a state.  It’s a toss-up.

These are the three things I think I know about North Dakota today.  But don’t worry – we will know more in the next two days!

So… get on it!  We have three days to get someone from North Dakota to visit StealingFaith.com in our Swing Vote campaign!  Come join me on the crusade!

North Dakota – we’re coming!!! Do you feel the love?!

Will you send this blog to anyone from North Dakota you know and ask them to visit?  How about sending it to anyone you think might know someone from North Dakota?  Help, help, help is on the way!

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