Swing Vote!

Typically I know you’re not supposed to admit when you have an itch.

It’s a personal problem.

But I can’t help it. I’ve got an itch and it needs to be scratched. It’s time for another Swing Vote!

For any newcomers to StealingFaith.com, the Swing Vote is becoming a bit of a monthly tradition. Remember the movie, Swing Vote, with Kevin Costner where the politicians do their best to woo his character toward their cause? It’s kind of like that, except there are no dances with wolves, Kevin Costner is not involved, and the winner doesn’t get a free ride in an airplane.

I know, the disappointment is killing you.

In this version of Swing Vote, we take a look at the stats of visitors to the site and I do my best to entice a visit from that location from someone who’s never been to StealingFaith.com before.

Along the way we learn trivia, we fall a little in love with a new place, and I may or may not poke some fun at portions of our dear, beloved America.

After all, who doesn’t love knowing Maine produces the most toothpicks in the United States as well as the Maine Coon Cat, a feline the size of a John Deere tractor those crazies believe should be a pet? And let’s not forget North Dakotans have a fetish for milk, turtles, gas cans and geese!

The location of our newest Swing Vote? It was a hard decision to make.

Let’s see if you can guess.

  • Elvis loves it. (posthumously.)
  • The government likes to blow it up.
  • Ocean’s 11 brought it to life.

Have you guessed?

Have ya, have ya?!


Though Nevada houses the epitome of gluttonous culture of our country there has not been a visitor to StealingFaith.com that state! Can you believe it?!

I know, I can’t either. I will definitely have to ramp up my mentions of fuzzy dice and casino visits.

But maybe in the next three days we will get a Nevada visitor who will tell us about their state from a native’s perspective!

That’s the whole goal of Swing Vote!

So you have three days! Go, out, chat up your friends from Nevada, and send them over to StealingFaith.com to educate us! We need help!


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One thought on “Swing Vote!

  • September 20, 2011 at 4:06 pm

    Hi there! I live in Nevada…Las Vegas, in fact. But like most people in Vegas, I’m not from here. I moved here from Tuscaloosa, Alabama in 2005. But I’m not from Tuscaloosa either. I was born and raised in San Diego. So how did I end up in Las Vegas? My Mom and Dad, and my younger sister live in northern Arizona, just 2 1/2 hours away. They’re close enough to visit for a weekend but not too close.

    I don’t gamble…much, and I don’t drink. In fact I’m currently unemployed. During my stay here in Vegas I’ve worked for an international travel company, a locally based airline, and the local gas utility company. I don’t go down to the “Strip” very often, but my boyfriend wants to go down there soon….once the temperature cools down a bit more. I tend to avoid the downtown area, where the Fremont Street Experience is located, because parking is a real hassle! And it’s outside and in the summer it’s just too hot!

    That’s my biggest complaint of Vegas, the weather. It’s too freaking HOT in the summer and it very rarely rains. Four years ago, when I was just starting my last job, the high temperature got up to 116 degrees and the air conditioner in my car died on that day. Do you realize how hot it gets in a car that sits in full sun all day long? Take my word for it, it’s very HOT! And driving to work on a summer morning….I arrive at work damp from sweat! But if you’re careful and you stay inside buildings, you’ll be fine!

    Also, I’m not a big fan of the desert. It’s brown…everywhere! Okay, outside my apartment there are trees and a little grass. But if I look at the mountains that surround the valley, yes we’re in a valley, it’s all brown. That’s the desert for you. And it’s hot, but it’s a dry heat!! Give me a break!! I lived in the south for 11 years where you have heat and humidity all summer. Humid heat, dry heat, it’s all heat to me!!!

    Oh, gosh, I’m I rambling on too much? Sorry, but I do tend to do that. But, yes, I am in Nevada.


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