I see Witches

We just got home from a late night drive. The girls were completely crashed in their car seats.

So we started the adventure of taking in one at a time, then maneuvering them into the bunk beds and praying they don’t accidentally wet the bed before morning because we don’t want to wake them up to go potty.

Tres and Uno settled into their beds without event and Lizard was getting Dos out of the car seat.

As soon as the buckle un-clicked, her eyes popped wide open, dilated, and she said, “There’s a witch out there!”

It was an “I see dead people”-moment.

Earlier this evening we didn’t see dead people or witches but we did see a javelina. Maybe that’s what she was dreaming about, because she’s very worried about coyotes, javelina and their very pointy teeth.

Who knows.

Lizard reassured her there were no witches in our yard and tucked her into bed.

Which is where I’m headed right now.

See you tomorrow.

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