Swing Vote: Montana!

It’s that time again. The special season of joy when we take a hint from Kevin Costner and Hollywood movies and try to woo those special people from a special state to the life-changing blog that is StealingFaith.com.

Yes, it’s time for a Swing Vote.

And that special state is… Montana!

While it’s true I have never seen a site hit from the state of Montana it’s important to tell you I am also choosing this state because I have a fond, delicious memory of Legends of the Fall (ummm…) and my oldest daughter is convinced she’s a cowgirl.

(She just let us know there’s a coyote in the barn! Lizard told her to shoot it. I scolded Lizard for telling her to play with guns. His response? “It’s a coyote in the barn. You need to shoot the coyote if it’s in the barn!”)

(It may be significant to mention we live in an urban area, specifically a storage facility. There are no barns. Or coyotes.)

(But my daughter has “shot” the coyote and is now off killing javelina. In fact, she came into the house and asked if we were done cooking the piglets yet.)

(Yes, we’re the weird homeschooling family. It appears we’re also a little violent. And there’s a chance I’ve read them a bit too much of the Little House on the Prairie series. Lesson learned.)

But… anywho, Montana!

Kick off your boots, hang your hat, get online, and send any Montana friends, acquaintances or strangers on over to visit StealingFaith.com. Because those are the rules – we have three days to seduce a reader from the Swing Vote state to come on over and leave comment about their state.

Why? Because it’s best to learn first hand and the people in Montana are in need of shot of StealingFaith. And what else do you have going on that’s more important than gaining a little love toward Montana?!

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

In the meantime, I scour the world wide web to determine the facts of most importance in our knowledge of Montana. (Don’t believe me?? Check out our Swing Vote: Maine, Swing Vote: Nevada, and Swing Vote: North Dakota campaigns. You’ll laugh. You’ll chuckle. And you’ll have a whole new appreciation of nude & lewd politicians, toothpicks, and turtle derbies.)

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