Ol’ Man Winter!


I’d like to know why winter is age-ist?


Winter is coming to our mountaintop town right this very moment. We’ve had winds gusting up to 50 mph all day, now it’s a wintry mix of snow and rai and there’s a rumor tomorrow morning we will wake up to 3-5 inches of fresh snow.


Makes me so extraordinarily thankful for our cozy, insulated, dry home!


I’m thinking I would be miserably right now if I were living in a cave. Or a tent. But I would possibly be ok if I were in an igloo, just not sure at this point.


The girls were not daunted by the wind today and played hard, riding their bicycles and raking up newly-fallen pine needles. I went out with them for a little while and had a rude awakening:


Pine needles + high winds = tiny dart spears.


I nearly lost an eye when a pine needle shot toward me. It was touch and go for awhile so I hurried the kids inside to bounce off the walls and torment the dogs.


But back to the winter thing… does anyone know why we talk about “Old Man Winter”? Is it because older people are often grumpy? Is it a reference to the Man from Snowy River? Why? Why? Why?


I wish I could be more exciting tonight. But my funny bone is tuckered out because I just wrote a post for Mommy Sorority that will go up tomorrow and I think it took all my funny juice. (Check it out… I think you’ll like my biting commentary on MOPS.)


I’m just a dried up husk of a writer. For now. Don’t worry, I’ll recharge and when I do there’s a good likelihood I’ll be talking about the Georgia couplearrested for running naked down the street and feeding their dog LSD.


But here’s a bit of good news: Badonkadonk: And other things that make you blush has moved up from a ranking around 4600 of all the books to 3142!


If I concentrate on how it’s moved up 1,000 spots in the rankings I tend to lose focus on the knowledge it’s still got one, 3,000 or so spots to move forward before it’s in the running for editorial consideration by Harper Collins…


You can still help, if you’d like. Just mosey on over to Authonomy.com, set up a free account, read the excerpt of Badonkadonk, rate it and leave a comment if you wish. Easy peasy. And you’ll get a little sex education, lucky you!


Until tomorrow, my friends… lots of love and kisses and I hope you stay warm and far, far away from pine needle spears.

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