The Grab Button Is Here!

As you know, I’ve been changing the platform of StealingFaith in order to make it a bit more professional.


It’s been a job similar to trying to fit an elephant into a golf cart. I’m just not gifted in the language of the World Wide Web.


BUT, I am gifted at copying other people who know what they’re doing and my dear husband is capable of using this program called Photoshop in a remarkable way.


All this to say, I’ve been trying to create a blog button for others to grab for more than a week. I search the web, visit tutorials and then pull my hair out and gnash my teeth with frustration because it’s just over my head.


Until this afternoon.


In the space of 5 minutes I was able to take the graphic Lizard made for me, adjust the code, and put the button on this site and a few others I like.


All because of this tutorial: How to Make a Blog Button With A Grab Box. Hallelujah, Praise Chorus.


The moral of the story: If you’re trying to make a button yourself, start here with the Little Henhouse tutorial. You will probably have more hair when it’s all said and done.


AND… if you have a blog/website yourself and you enjoy StealingFaith, I’d be honored if you’d take my super cool button and stick it over at your place. In fact, if you do it and let me know I’d be more than happy to reciprocate and share your spot with the Stealing Faith world.


Because it’s all about sharing the love, right?


Look over to the sidebar and you’ll see three different buttons you can use… doesn’t Lizard make pretty things?? Hope you have a great day!

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