The Posts That Brought You Here – November Edition


My friends. I was afraid the November edition of the search phrases/words that brought you to would not happen. In the switch of blog hosting I feared they would be lost forever.


But today I checked the stats page on the off-chance some had been saved. And guess what?! They are there!


So, while my toddler eats a combination of dog food and Craisins (guess which snack I OK’d?), I will hook you up with my favorite search terms from the past 30 days and the posts I they probably discovered:


1. “my sneeze can be” My special gifting is the ability to sneeze and scare children three counties away. It’s like dynamite exploding and once I even startled the baby so much with my sneeze she screamed. BUT… My guess is this search phrase connected to my post on the history of “Sneeze Responses.”


2. did divorced people know it was the wrong person to marry Sadly, the majority of people getting divorced had a gut feeling they were saying, “I Do” when they should have been saying, “I Don’t.” Here’s what I had to say about that.


3. pole dancing email subscription Unless the internet world has somehow become virtual I’m certain you can’t pole dance via email. But, if you’re a willing to cross the traditional lines, there are places you can Pole Dance for Jesus.


4. married in six months Every month there are people who search how to get married in six months or less. I don’t know what this means but I suspect it has deep cultural significance and perhaps we should Twitter Patty Stanger of the Millionaire Matchmaker to find the answer. Regardless, I got married in less than six months and so did my parents. Here’s how we did it.


5. commitment phobe broken engagement Now, really. That’s just phrased in such a negative way. I’m a big fan of broken engagements… if the person you’re engaged to is not the one. In fact, I plead with people to break it off… Be a Commitment-Phobe!


6. first dates when its cold Did you know you can warm your cold hands with the power of your mind alone? It’s true! I share this and other important tips for having a PERFECT FIRST DATE! (Regardless of whether it’s hot, cold, or somewhere in between with a drink with a little umbrella.)


7. the ruffians + nitting I have a friend. We’re a little crazy. We took our six kids aged five and under for a knitting lesson. This is the story.


8. who cried when they watched up close and personal Well, who didn’t cry when they watched Up Close and Personal? Seriously?! That was one of the most beautiful love stories of the 90s and it was based on a true story! I relived a life lesson learned from that movie here. But then, I also mentioned getting up close and personal with road trips here… and I think it’s pretty funny!


9. i’m sorry you feel that way apology I hate the phrase “I’m sorry you feel that way” when it comes to apologizing. I spent some time thinking about the best way to say “I’m Sorry” in this post. And I think I’m on to something.


10. badonkadonk Yep, it’s true, someone found this blog by searching for another term for a curvaceous bum. But it made me really happy, because I admitted to the world I’ve written a book about intimate issues for the innocent and they can read, rank, and comment on it right now!


Alright, since I’ve started writing the kid has moved on from the dog food and filled a diaper. It’s getting stinky so I guess I’d better do something else about that. Hope you have an excellent day!

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