Puppy Lovin’

I’m watching Tres play with her puppy toy.


She’s all of 18 months and she’s just learned how to make a kiss.


She’s walking around the house with this puppy dog toy, snuggling it, rocking it, loving on it. As I watch her I’m completely enchanted.


Tres will take the puppy and gently lay it on the sofa, cover it with her blanket, and kiss the puppy on its nose. Then she’d lift the blanket up and kiss the puppy gently on its back, then pat it softly.


Now, granted, she’s been kissing the real dog (puddle) as well lately. And, unfortunately, the puddle is all to happy to meet her kisses with a returned sloppy tongue lick. I’ve spent my time trying to keep the two of them from swapping spit and that’s not something I’m happy to do.


But as I watch her now, I wonder where she’s learned to be so sweet? Is it possible we are all born with a wellspring of love that leaks from our souls?


And, if that’s the case, what happens to us as we grow up that blocks us from generously displaying sweetness and love? Yes, life knocks us around, but if we have gentleness in our core how can we learn to unleash it after building the wall of protection?


Here’s my bald, big-earred, puppy-kissing baby, showing me ways to think about how to be a more loving grown up.


I like her.


Have you ever learned something about being a grown up from watching a child?

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