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Do you have clichés that drive you crazy?


A few weeks ago I wrote about the words that make people grit their teeth, but recently I came across a writer’s website with a whole list of clichés anyone with the power of a written platform should exclude.


So, I’m here to ask your opinion… what do you think of my fictional story created to expose these terrible clichés?


Not too long ago I accidentally on purpose told my kiddos a lie. It was about the Tooth Fairy and her capabilities. It was met with angry silence.


Angry silence is usually the domain of the bloody but unbowed marital partners. After a few years of marriage some people throw up their hands and sigh, say, the ball’s in your court! and revert to angry silence.


This was not the case with my lie. It became a bone of contention, in fact. But, as fate would have it, after I explained to the chitlings the Tooth Fairy would never, ever collect their lost teeth if they didn’t finish their dinner, I found myself between a rock and a hard place.


There my kiddos were, all bright eyed and bushy tailed but my words caused their shoulders to slump and heads to sag.


Eat your heart out!” I crowed as I devoured my dinner! “The Tooth Fairy loves me! I eat my food!”


Uno responded with a flat denial – she’s a Tooth Fairy expert every since the day a woman dressed as an enameled angel gave them a talk about tooth decay at MOPS.


“She will, too, come get my teeth, even if I don’t eat my dinner!” Uno howled, crazy like a fox.


After much distress and questioning of whether the Tooth Fairy was gainfully employed due to the prosperity of first world countries, I decided to call a spade a spade and admitted I didn’t have the inside track on the Tooth Fairy’s code of conduct.


But, still, it was fun while it lasted.


Do you have any clichés that drive you crazy? Do any of the ones I mentioned make you break out into hives?

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