Flying Rabbit Challenge

Haggenflag. Flying Rabbit. Hm....

I met a man today whose last name is Hassenflug. Apparently this means “flying rabbit” in German.


Because it’s a commonly accepted fact that in Germany rabbits fly often enough to spawn a surname.


I now need a little help from you.


Just off the top of my head the creative juices can spin at least three tall tales as an explanation for why someone would be named for a flying rabbit. But to tell you now would spoil the tall tale fun!

Instead, I hope you’ll share your best explanation for the flying rabbit surname in the comments. Tomorrow I’ll share your explanation as well as my own… And I can’t wait to hear what you think!

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One thought on “Flying Rabbit Challenge

  • December 17, 2011 at 8:04 am

    At one time, in the Black Forests of Germany, the people were growing restless. Their usual diversions of reading, knitting and baking simply weren’t enough. And so was born the German tradition of Hassenflug — the flying rabbit. Using sheep intestines and a square of woven cloth, they fashioned a large sling-shot that required three people to operate: two at each side, with feet rooted to the ground and hands clutching the “bungy” cords while the third participant placed a rabbit in the cloth square and drew it back taut against the pull of the cords. To ensure that no unsuspecting passersby were suddenly assaulted by a flying rabbit, they decided to holler “hassenflug!!” just prior to releasing the slingshot and sending their furry subjects hurtling through the air.

    This charming pastime provided the humor that was lacking in their daily routines and helped many a German citizen remain stout and strong-hearted throughout the bitterly cold winter months.


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