Flying Rabbit Challenge: Completed

The rabbit... it's flying!


The Hassenflug “Flying Rabbit” Challenge winner has to go to PlainJane. Not only did she provide a thoroughly entertaining explanation for how a rabbit became airborne, she was the only commenter (and she’s a good writer with helpful ideas, you should check out her blog)!


So, by default and merit, here is the explanation of the day:


“At one time, in the Black Forests of Germany, the people were growing restless. Their usual diversions of reading, knitting and baking simply weren’t enough. And so was born the German tradition of Hassenflug — the flying rabbit. Using sheep intestines and a square of woven cloth, they fashioned a large sling-shot that required three people to operate: two at each side, with feet rooted to the ground and hands clutching the “bungy” cords while the third participant placed a rabbit in the cloth square and drew it back taut against the pull of the cords. To ensure that no unsuspecting passersby were suddenly assaulted by a flying rabbit, they decided to holler “hassenflug!!” just prior to releasing the slingshot and sending their furry subjects hurtling through the air.

This charming pastime provided the humor that was lacking in their daily routines and helped many a German citizen remain stout and strong-hearted throughout the bitterly cold winter months.”


Isn’t that funny and clever? Here’s my suggestion:



Once upon a time, in the days before Peter Rabbit became the Peter Rabbit, there was a small brown, furry hare with a dream — to rest inside the highest point of his local German town. The cathedral bell tower.


Try as he may, Peter bunny could not figure how to reach the bell tower. He started the small mammal version of PX90 to increase his vertical leaping ability and speed. It made no difference.


He took hypnorodent-therapy classes, trying to increase his mind over matter and unlock the Secret to success. It did not work.


Finally he took one last, ambitious step. He requested help from the hairless blond, blue-eyed monster who stood below the bells. Using a spastic combination of hopping, whisker-wringing, and ear twitching he tried to get his point across.


The hairless monster thought Peter was a rabid rodent from the forest and became concerned for his safety. With a deep, gutturalroar, the hairless monster unleashed a mighty foot against Peter rabbit.


Peter, caught squarely at the solar plexus by the monster’s foot, flew through the air, hurtling toward the bell tower with a speed and velocity he had never imagined.


Peter nailed the bell tower with a resounding gong, dying instantly but satisfied in the completion of his quest.


The hairless monster’s mighty kick was observed by the townspeople and heralded far and wide. No one had ever seen such loft. The hairless monster earned the name, “Hassenflug” – the Flying Rabbit – for his kick and was drafted into the first ever football league as a kicker shortly thereafter.


The End.


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