The Posts The Brought You Here – December Edition

We crack up over here.

As you know, one of the main joys in my life is looking at the search terms that bring people to StealingFaith and trying to match them with the posts the search engine thought would fit.


This month has been over the top for search results. Most people have been searching for “define necessity”. A few weeks ago I gave you some options to change the world instead of simply glut ourselves with presents. Seeing the term on my search list makes me very, very happy — maybe our country is waking up to a greater need and our ability to impact it?


The other predominant search term is “size 12 woman”. It seems I am not the only person shocked and amazed that size 12 is actually my preferred body type and we’re not a nation of fatties. Well, actually, we are. But I’m no longer mad that I can’t fit into my six 6 jeans!


Here are the other, top 10 search terms for December:


1. Maine coon cat. I wrote about the Maine coon cats during the Swing Vote: Maine. Those crazy Mainers keep these huge felines as house pets — they are sizable enough to kill and eat a whole human body for one meal! It seems they’re of interest right now. Nothing says exotic Christmas present like an animal that can eat you later.


2. Wiener dog. Not only is the dachshund the dumbest dog I’ve met, they are abused on occasion. Specifically by the Georgia couple who gave the dog LSD before running naked through the streets themselves. I do not approve.


3. I’m sorry. These two little words can change the course of a relationship! But when they aren’t sincere or delivered appropriately, it can all go wrong. I gave you my thoughts about how to say, “I’m sorry” in an effective way here.


4. Goat Hoof Heels. You got me on this one. I think it has to do with the photo that accompanied this post, but really, why does a goat need high heels? (Or heels at all, for that matter?) The added height could be a serious disadvantage, especially for the odd fainting goat here and there.


5. “No Poo” sucks. I agree, especially from a biological standpoint. (I’m reminded I still need to tell the story of Dos’s 21-day fast from excrement as a baby… and it’s resolution. Yeah. You’ll enjoy that story.) But no poo can also be a challenge from the shampoo standpoint. I caved. I use shampoo now (not as regularly as I’d like. Showers tend to spread out when you have preschoolers and toddlers in the house.)


6. “what was lawrence welk’s drink of choice”. I don’t know. I mentioned Lawrence Welk once and I’ve seen his billboard in Branson, but I’ve never been close enough to ask him to have a drink with me. But my drink of choice is Coca-Cola. Ah…


7. “is being lazy a choice”. I’m looking at a sofa filled with unfolded but clean laundry. Yet I sit here typing. So I’m going to say laziness is most definitely a choice. Particularly if you’re stupid enough to get the Forever Lazy. Seriously… raise your standards.


8. Thoughts of a working mom. I had a lot of fun putting together two posts about the differences between stay-at-home mom and working-out-of-the-home mom. I may have caused a few people to giggle. Check it out… you might laugh, too!


9. “eat” ” poop you out”. I should not be proud this search term found StealingFaith. My poor mother, who did her best to inspire manners in me, would be appalled. But I think it’s kind of funny that this post turned up as a result!


10.  It was hard to choose between “everyone’s marriage is better than mine” and “pole acrobatics in pantyhose” for the number ten spot. So I didn’t choose. If you want to know about why your marriage stinks, here’s my thought. And if you’re more into the pantyhose and such… have a blast over here.


Have a great evening, my friends! Do you have any favorite posts from this last year? I’m considering doing a top 10 list and would love your input!

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