The Three Stooges of Phlegm

Robert S. Donovan /

Who had a quiet Sunday? Anyone? Anyone?


Ours was very quiet. We were planning to go to church this morning, but when it was all said and done our three children, a.k.a. Snorty-pants, Coughy-pants, and Snotty-pants were like the Three Stooges of Phlegm and we have a general  family guideline that we don’t go in public when we might be a public health hazard.


Fear of ostracism and such.


So we had cinnamon rolls at home, took naps on the sofa, went for a drive around town, took naps in our beds, and then… lo and behold! At about six this evening the fevers broke, the coughs subsided, and our little ones were having a dance party in the living room just like old times!


I dare to hope we may be past the plague. OH, please, LORD! Let the sickness move away from our household!


And all the people said, “Amen.”

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