No Freezer Pops… Yet…

Yummy Freezer Pops

Since I’m still coughing my lungs up and, as an added treat, today there’s a pressure cooker inside my sinuses, Lizard came home early from work to watch the girls and let me sleep.


He’s a good man, Charlie Brown.


We have juice in the refrigerator, which is a really unusual occurrence because I’ve blamed the consumption of juice for the Great Cavity Debacle of May 2011, which set us back a few thousand dollars and endeared us to our local dentist like nothing else.


But… after visiting the pediatrician last week we wanted a treat, so juice re-entered our life for as long as it lasts.


Dos is in ecstasy. She loves juice. She would marry it if she could. So, knowing Daddy’s a soft touch, while I was zonked out in the bedroom napping with a heating pad on my skull, she batted her eyes and asked Daddy for some more juice.


He said yes.


Then, as she stared longingly at her cup of juice she said — in complete seriousness — “If only I had magic. I could make this juice into a freezer pop.”


Yep, magic strikes again. She’s still waiting for the magic powers because you never know… Yet is still to come!


Then later this evening we made the serious financial commitment to order off the dollar menu at the local fast food beef provider for dinner. As we were collecting our victuals from the window Lizard said, “Thanks a lot!”


Dos piped up from the back seat.


“Is ‘Thanks a lot’ another way of saying ‘thank you’?” she asked.


“It is. But it’s one you have to be careful about because the way you say can make it mean different things,” I answered her. “If you say it sweet it means ‘thank you,’ but if say it kind of mean and roll your eyes it might mean, ‘I really don’t like you much.'”


“Would you like to practice saying it?” I asked. “Yes!” she answered.


“OK, I’m the fast food person and I just handed you your food,” I said. “Here you go, ma’am!”


“I don’t like you very much!” said Dos.


I give up. We’ve got a winner.

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