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This morning when I woke up I had a full, unobstructed view of my feet.


This evening, when I looked down at my toes after tripping on a sippy cup, I realized my stomach is covering my feet to the arches.


I’ve been on this train before. I know what it means… the round ligament pains will get more and more frequent, the belly skin will itch, and within a moon cycle my toes will be long gone.


God Bless Pregnancy.


So, knowing I’m about to go from gently rounded to bulbous in shape, I am aware of body image. What better time to talk to you about the amazing wonders of Photoshop and why it makes us feel badly about ourselves?


Just a bit ago Dartmouth College created software that reveals Photoshopped transformations and displays the original photo. You really need to click through to this link to see the before and after photos of celebrities!


I promise you, if Yoda is truly the master, you will feel better about life once you see these photos!


Now, we already know most people prefer the size 12 woman’s body type… and that was a confidence booster for me, I’m not going to lie.


But seeing the blatant “helps” celebrities receive in order to appear glamorous and gorgeous on magazine covers gives me courage to raise my daughters in this superficial world. (And feel good about the inevitable lard baby looming in my postpartum physique.)


I’m guessing if I really got to know the Photoshop program I could make the baby bump morph into a six-pack… if I really wanted.


So, take a look. Enjoy. Feel good about your life. And then, if you’re feeling insecure anyway, before you circulate the Christmas photos this year invest in Photoshop. That program is amazing!

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