I Ate an Artichoke

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I don’t know about you, but for me today has been a Long. Day.


It’s been a good day, which is a complete relief and fills me with joy, but I’m pretty sure it has lasted about 36 hours already.


Just a bit ago I realized I was really sick to my stomach. I blamed the spicy hashbrown casserole I made for dinner. But that didn’t seem quite right because I only ate a few bites once I realized the green chiles were going to make my stomach fire up like smelting oven in a matter of milliseconds if I didn’t pause immediately and down six Tums.


After dinner I went about my business. Until moments ago when I realized I might chuck my cookies. Then I wondered what my chuck would entail and accepted the fact I ate an egg sandwich for breakfast, about 1/3 cup of frozen yogurt for lunch, and three bites of hashbrown casserole for dinner.


And they say pregnant women eat for two… ha!


Well, I took my hungry self off to the kitchen to fill the lack and decided on an artichoke. While the artichoke was steaming I gagged over the kitchen sink.


It was a pretty sight, I tell you. Pretty.


I topped the gagging off with a burp that shook the windows. And then I felt pretty good.


So now I’m settling down with an artichoke and my computer at the end of my Long Day.


Now that I’ve told you many details of my life that are completely irrelevant to your life, how are you? What’s been going on? What did you eat for dinner?

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One thought on “I Ate an Artichoke

  • March 27, 2012 at 10:51 pm

    Please tell me you didn’t eat the whole thing, leaves and all!!!


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