A Post About Nothing

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Tonight is a night I’m posting out of obligation.


I don’t want to make you feel badly. I do care for you as a reader. The only reason I’ve hit “publish” is because I feel I already let you down this weekend when I disappeared.


The problem is this: I just have nothing to say!


I could tell you about what’s on my mind (vaguely potty-training Tres and once a month freezer cooking), but it doesn’t seem very interesting if you’re not wildly enthralled with poop and food. Those aren’t typically a good combination.


I could tell you about the visitor from the most interesting place (Botswana), but then I saw they clicked on the “I’m sorry” post and only stayed for 15 seconds. My heart was broken and I decided 15 seconds does not a relationship make.


I could mention the fact I’ve been plastered to the sofa for the majority of the evening because this child carrying my DNA and sucking up my body’s nutrients has the strength of the Incredible Hulk and has been intuitively hitting the places in my body that make my pelvis scream in agony and brain shut down. But the reality is… I’m pregnant, of course the baby’s going to make himself at home. Who cares?


Those are my top three. And they’re all pretty pitiful. So I am writing a post about nothing.


I sure hope your top three are more interesting than mine!


What are the top three things on your mind right now?

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