The peanut turned Two

Somehow, when I was just living life and minding my own business, this:


Tres, approximately 6 weeks, in utero.


Turned into this:


Tres, 2-years-old.


I’m not really sure how it happened, so I’m going to explain it away with the word, “miracle.”


It amazes me the child has stayed alive this long, despite the fact she has a pretty clueless mother.


Tres, my little girl with an explosive personality, thumb-sucking habit, and relatively intelligible vocabulary, I’m glad you’re here!


I’m glad you’re not a pushover and you give your sisters a run for their money on a regular basis.


I’m proud of you, proud of the fact you’re potty trained, and proud of the way you squeal with laughter and see the world with genuine awe.


(But if you could refrain from looking down the baby sitter’s shirt and yelling, “Whoa!” again, well, that would be nice.)


Thanks for blessing our lives.

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