Bumpy Baby Boat Ride

Duck Dynasty… our newest TiVo option.

I just told my husband I’m not blogging tonight because we’ve been traveling all day.


Then, somehow, I hit “Add New Post” and here I am.


There are only two things I would like to share  from today:


1. I went on an incredible boat ride today. Always, for as long as I can remember, I’ve loved to boat on choppy water. The little air lift you get is just a major thrill for me.


So, we hit a part of the water where we started to bump. I suddenly realized my stomach was moving completely separately from my body. I grabbed my baby bump and held on for dear life, and maintained control of my bladder. That is a good, amazing, pride-invoking item.


I still really like bumpy boat rides.


2. My cousins just introduced me to a show called Duck Dynasty. I had never heard of it and I’m still a little hazy on the specific details, but, one episode in, I asked Lizard to record the show.


“Why?” you ask. This particular episode was about them purchasing a winery and there was a man with a full-on beard who said, “[The wine tasted like] a mixture between a doe’s urine and jalapeno juice.”


Initial indications seem this is a show right up my alley. I can’t wait.


Now that I’ve shared these completely useless bits of knowledge with you, I will go to bed.


Because I’m not blogging tonight.


Do you watch Duck Dynasty? Do you like bumpy boat rides?

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