Cleansing the Contacts

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I have finally completed a task that has been looming over me for almost seven years.


I cleaned out the contacts on my cell phone.


I’ve had four new phones in the past seven years. With each phone, instead of actually going through the contacts I’ve just added more in. There are people who were listed three or four times.


And, sadly, I found four dead people in my contacts before I hit the “D” category. (Of course, I do have a love affair with the senior citizen crowd and death is a natural part of the friendship…)


I cut deeply through the contact list. It was invigorating. All the years I worked at the college I had the phone number of every residential student in my cell phone… and seeing their names brought back so many memories.


After I spent a moment in sweet memory, I deleted them. I also deleted co-workers from jobs before I got married… and my new, trim contact file feels liberated!


What I also found interesting is there are a handful of people I will go out of my way not to talk to – and those are the ones I left in my contacts list. Purely for screening purposes.


Does admitting that make me a bad person? I hope not.


That’s about all I’ve got for you tonight. But I am curious:


How long has it been since you cleaned out your contact list? How do you choose who stays and who goes?

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