Kick the Can Opener to the Curb

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My husband fought a battle tonight. And won.


I’m not surprised he won, because, well, he’s just a winner through and through. And his opponent was the can opener.


The only thing is his battle with the can opener crippled the kitchen utensil to a degree it can no longer be used.


Which means his win was a no-win in the end. And the can opener we got as a wedding gift has been laid to rest.


We did not say a prayer.


I did pack myself up and head to Wal Mart for a new can opener, however, because I don’t know when another can of stewed tomatoes or green beans will be on the menu for our supper and my teeth lack the sharpness needed to gnaw on the can and rip it to pieces.


(Now is the time to tell you this isn’t going to be a life changing post. I’m going to talk about can openers, Q-Tips, and squirt guns. Yes, it’s really come to this. That’s all I’m talking about tonight.)


I needed to return a few items, namely extra shelf liner we didn’t use once the kitchen rodent cleansing was completed, and knock-off Q-Tips.


Someone tell me if I’m wrong, but weren’t there special, thick Q-Tips at one point? I can’t remember because I usually buy Q-Tips in bulk every four years, but in my head there should be a “higher quality” Q-Tip available and I can’t find it anywhere!


I’m also amazed that Q-Tips aren’t recommended for cleaning your ears. The box says to remove make up with the swabbed spears, use them for crafting projects, or cleaning.


No, siree! Q-Tips are for sticking in your ear and cleaning the wax out! If the ear canal explorations don’t get to the point your leg is spasming like a dog whose tickle spot is being itched, you aren’t doing it right!


I came home without Q-Tips. I refuse to buy something lesser than. So there.


The final part of my Wal Mart trip is a complete experiment. I saw a package of squirt guns and spontaneously threw them in the cart.


Tomorrow I’m going to encourage the girls to fill those suckers up and go outside to release some aggression! Ten bucks says Uno is back in the house crying within 10 minutes because Dos squirted her in the eye.


I can’t wait.


How was your Thursday?

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