Writer’s Block Loss: Top 3 Things

Hi, how are you? Please excuse my belly. It’s the size of the Chrysler building.

The computer screen is taunting me.


I don’t often have writer’s block, but when I do I take it personally and blame my computer. This is in direct opposition to the love and affection I typically shower on my laptop as a member of my immediate family.


Tonight the laptop is not being kind to me. I have many thoughts twirling around in my head and I don’t know which rabbit trail to follow. It’s all the computer’s fault. I know it.


In defiance of the evil plan my laptop has to keep me from writing, I’m going to go with my old standby and share the top three things on my mind.


1. Bedtime. For the third time this week our kids have gone to bed after 10 p.m. The first night was the 4th, when we stayed up to watch the fireworks and Uno keened in grief because she fell asleep for the grand finale. We’ve compounded the problem by skipping naps for several days in a row… it’s pretty much guaranteed tomorrow is going to be a day filled with emotional break downs.


I can’t wait. Not.


2. Friends. We have been awash in friends this week. When you’re stuck in the every day of life, it’s easy to start feeling disconnected and alone. With the holiday we’ve had a few celebrations and last night some amazing women hosted a baby shower for the still unnamed child cooking in my womb. (The photo of me by the cake… was shocking. I am huge. I have posted it so you can laugh.) Today we visited with friends we haven’t seen in almost a year… and I’m overwhelmed. These people are awesome! They inspire me. They fill my heart with joy. They challenge me.


I can’t believe we are so lucky!


3. My feet. (My first two thoughts are valid, this one, not so much.) I’ve been on my feet a lot today, which means at this point in the evening my ankle bones have disappeared and my toes look like Cheetos magically affixed to the ends of oar paddles. The thing that makes me craziest is when my toes swell, the change in pressure makes it feel like I have dirt hiding out in the crevices between each toe.


Absolutely maddening. Yes, I know there are people starving and being tortured all over the world and I’m complaining about my toes being swollen. It’s silly. But it’s real and it’s the third most pressing thing on my mind tonight. So there.


(Ha! The computer didn’t win the writer’s block game!)


Now, what are the top three things on your mind?

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