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Well, you guys are about the coolest people ever.


Not only have you given me some good jokes to go on, I’ve also found some websites with enough jokes to fill my kids heads for a year!


Since I have had two jokes, total, in my comic repretiore up until today, I’m feeling pretty good about being able to teach the girls some new stuff that will – hopefully! – get our bed time routine a little more entertaining.


My jokes up until today?


“What did one burp say to the other burp?” “Let’s be stinkers and go the other way!” ~ and ~ “Did you know it’s Biblical that a man has to make the coffee? It says so right there in the Bible, in HeBrews.”


Tee hee.


Here are a few from you guys:


“What did the teddy bear say when asked if he wanted dessert?” “No thanks, I’m stuffed!”


“Knock knock…… Who’s there? Boo…. Boo who? don’t cry, it’s only a joke!”


“What’s brown and sticky?” “A stick!”


“What time is it when an elephant sits on your fence?” “Time to get a new fence!”


Just in case you, too, need all the help you can get to be funny, here are some websites/blogs with joke collections that I’m loving:


30 Jokes Your Kids Will Love. Examples: “Why did the chicken cross the playground?” “To get to the other slide.” ~ and ~ “Why is 6 afraid of 7?” “Because 7-ate-9!”


A Ha Jokes. This website has tons of jokes on various topics. I searched the “silly jokes” and came across a few that made me laugh. Examples: “Why do birds fly south in the winter?” “Because it’s too far to walk!” ~ and ~ “What animals are on legal documents?” “Seals!”


 Funny Jokes for Kids. Examples: “What did the skeleton say before dinner?” “Bone appetit!” ~ and ~ “What did the bee say to the flower?” “Hi, honey.”


Printable Lunch Jokes. This website has a bunch of jokes on a business card template you can print and pop into a kiddo’s lunchbox. So creative! (No, I didn’t find it in Family Fun magazine… pinterest.) Example:  “What’s a cow’s favorite subject?” “Moo-sic.”


Yahoo Kids Jokes. Examples: “Why did Tigger look inside the toilet?” “He was looking for Pooh!” ~ and ~ “What’s a cow’s favorite movie?” “Moo-lan!”


April Fool’s Day Pranks. OK, OK, this blog post might be for the parents more than the kids… but there are still some fun ideas here!


 Jokes and Riddles. Examples: “Is your refridgerator running?” “Well, you’d better catch it before it runs away!” ~ and ~ “What do you get when you cross a dinosaur with a dog?” “A very nervous mailman!”


Jake’s Silly Jokes. Examples: “I just swallowed a bone.” “Are you choking?” “No, I’m serious!” ~ and ~ “Why did the turkey cross the road?” “To prove he wasn’t chicken!”


So, it’s not an exhaustive list, but at least it gives us all a starting spot!


If you have jokes, please continue to leave them in the comments! Here’s to teaching our children how to have a sense of humor… and being willing to share the best of the jokes to spread a smile all around!

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