Social Law of Handwashing

Clean Hands Save Lives: Center for Disease Control


All Employees Must Wash Hands.


Additionally, the following rules for handwashing apply for non-employees:


If no one else is in the bathroom, handwashing is optional.


If someone walks into the bathroom as you are walking out, obviously wipe hands on pants, as if to dry them, to reassure said stranger you are an advocate of thorough handwashing.


If bathroom is occupied by one or more individual, be certain water runs long enough to sing, “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.” Additional good citizenship points awarded for audible soap dispensing and paper towel wiping.


If you find yourself at a double sink with another bathroom user, make certain you are the last one soaping. Rub hands thoroughly, in between each finger. If the other person has not finished washing at this point, make sure to clean your fingernails out with the soapy water. As you’re soaping, give the other individual a smug look, as if to say, “I’m a master hand washer! No germs here! Bet you wish you were my hands!”



Want to Know More About Handwashing (including a graphic that is scarier than any of the horror movies being pimped on t.v. right now?!):


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Have you noticed people following these social laws of hand washing?



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