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This girl in her crazy Get Up. No Fear.

This series on the Seven “C’s” of Success is inspired by Chris Widener. Join me by putting your own 250-word personal experience in the comments!


When I ask the kids if they know I love them, they nonchalantly say, “Yeah.” Uno has been known to draw something and and say, “Mommy! Mommy! Look at this, it’s really good! Don’t you wish you drew this?!”


Self-esteem, it’s not lacking around here.


Dos has been known to traipse through the middle of a gathering in her underwear, completely unconcerned about sporting her Dora the Explorer underpants and a smile.


(Yes, it was a proud parenting moment for us. Right up there with watching Tres dig into her nose for boogers. Awkward.)


But really, concerning clothing, or the lack thereof, in our home… while I don’t disregard the importance of appropriate attire, especially when in public, I think it’s pretty cool my kids are confident enough in their own skin to ignore the temptation to hide behind a mixed cotton and polyester blend.


Why can’t we be as confident as a well-loved child?


Intellectually we know confidence in who you are is the most attractive attribute in any human; refusing to bow to our fears or insecurities is a key component of success. Yet convincing our hearts to stride forward confidently in the direction of our dreams is tricky.


Our goal must be a willingness to meet the eye of the person staring back in the mirror without quibbling or assuming a façade.


It also takes a massive amount of confidence to go without wearing deodorant/anti-perspirant. But that’s a discussion for another time.


Question: How is your confidence? Do you believe that you can achieve what you conceive? Are you winning victories that you can then draw on later? 


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