The Big Questions

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It’s a late night for many Americans, as we waited up watching various news channels to discover which man will lead our country for the next Presidential term.


In the end, Americans choose to accept four more years of the devil they know rather than they devil they don’t know.


I want to be all Pollyanna about the election and talk about how awesome it is that people got out to vote, that we are incredibly privileged to live in a country that allows for a democratic process, and how in certain states literally every vote counted… and these things are true and worthy of celebration!


However, the reality exists that our country has been split, 50%/50%. While there is a determined winner in this race, those governed are deeply distressed over their choices.


We are disenchanted with the way politics take over our media. We are tired of ignorant statements and manipulative rhetoric. We feel out of touch and gobble up the agendas others tell us are important.


I’m left heavy hearted, frustrated, and pondering one lingering question:


Am I more concerned with how I can better my country… Or how my country can better me?


If I believe I make a difference, that my life is valuable, my answer should be that I am truly concerned with how I can better my country — regardless of who holds the office of Commander in Chief.


Today… tomorrow, whether your Presidential candidate won or lost, you have a mandate to better your country beginning with your community, your platform. The push for momentum and change cannot end with the final tally of votes.


If you, like me, are worried about the overall value system of the people in your world, it’s time to dust off your convincing arguments and let your neighbor know, in a real and authentic way, that your perspective is better for them.


(Half the people in your neighborhood will be trying to show you their plan will make your life better!)


The conversation, if carried out in a respectful way, can only strengthen our intellect, problem-solving abilities, and personal determination. You’re left to question:


Do you really believe what you really believe is really true? Why??


If so, how are you going to live it?


What are your “big picture” thoughts regarding the election?



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