It’s Shutterfly’s Fault

I’ve spent the last two days frantically trying to finish up photo books for Christmas presents before Shutterfly’s 40% off sale ends tonight at midnight.


It’s been ugly, my friends. There has been no schooling going on around here unless it takes the shape of How It’s Made, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, or various educational iPad apps.


This morning I looked at Dos and said, “Strawberry Shortcake?! I cannot let you watch another Strawberry Shortcake and look myself in the mirror. Let’s watch something intelligent instead.” And she said, “I know something intelligent: Wallace and Grommet. Because their mouths are silly and they are kind of intelligent.”


Which is proof to me that my five-year-old has a reasonable grasp of vocabulary words but an abysmal understanding of their meaning.


Sad Days.


One of the best things about my frantic photo booking has been the opportunity to go back through 2011 and remember the fun quotes of our kids. Since I use Facebook as my mobile scrapbook, I just download the file of all my Facebook content and then go through and grab those quotes that are most indicative of the state of our mindset.


I’ve gotten a giggle out of more than one memory! And since I’ve been MIA for two days, I figured I needed to do something that might bring a smile to your face.


So here they are, a few of the gems from the mouths of babes:


Uno to Dos: “You’re 5 and I’m 96 and today I’m gonna get me a man!”


Uno: “I wanna shoot like… an animal… Something we can eat.”

Dos: “Like a fish? Jerky? Or a rooster?”


“Milk is my favorite white drink.”


Lizard: “These pants just don’t fit!” (They were too short)

Uno: “That’s because you’re too big in the Daddy!”


My firstborn: “Mommy, I just feel like we need to fight. Can we fight right now? It just feels like we should.”


“Hitler… I want to say he’s 3 stupids because he’s so, so bad!”


“I’ve been practicing skipping since I was two.”


“My legs get tired. Pretty soon I think they will be asleep.”


Uno: “It feels like I have yucky, yucky medicine in my throat. I think that’s because I ate snot this morning.”


Uno: “I saw a 6 year old drinking pepsi & I thought, “What?! What?! What is their mom thinking?!”


“Just to let you know, you made me wake up before my eye boogers wanted to come out.”


Kids in the bath: “We’re eating the bubbles!”

Me: “Ew! That’s like eating soap!”

Them: “No, it tastes like princesses!”


“Uno, why do we need to learn?” “So we can know what’s in the future and know what God made.”


Dos walks up holding a can of apricots.”Mommy, are these chicken bottoms or beets?”


Uno: “I just drooled.”

Me: “That happens.”

Uno: “Sometimes it’s an accident & sometimes it’s nice decorations on your skin.”


Dos sat down on the sofa next to me, put her gift bag down and said, “Honey, drive. Drive, please.” I don’t know where we’re going or why but it’s clear she has a vision.


Lizard asked Dos for a hug. “I can’t mix with you right now, Daddy, I’m just doing my thing.”


“But like I was saying, who wants to be killed on purpose?”


“I’m not arguing, I’m just explaining why I’m right!”


Uno stubbed her toe. Lizard: “Why do you keep doing that?”

Uno: “My pinkie toe, it just keeps getting in the way!”


Do you enjoy going through old photo albums and scrapbooks?



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  • November 14, 2012 at 3:26 pm

    Love these quotes! Your kids are hilarious! 🙂


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