Leftover Stew

I dodged the food poisoning bullet tonight.


As a recovering picky eater, I’ve had to learn to cook. My world is rocked by the realization I have a family and lack of financial resources to eat the true ambrosia of life, Taco Bell, every evening. Some things in life are simply not fair.


Since I’m an “eat to live” versus “live to eat” person, I’m constantly scouting the internet for good recipes; when I go to a potluck I check out which dishes are empty first and then find out how to copy them. Imitation is the purest form of flattery, right?


When I first heard of Leftover Stew, I was highly suspicious.


After all, the basic premise is questionable: mix all sorts of food together, regardless of their original flavors.


Our Leftover Stew jar had the small bits and pieces of meals I couldn’t stand to waste and throw in the trash (any food that hadn’t been eaten off of and contaminated with saliva) and some traditionally non-mixable items in it: spaghetti, sausage breakfast potatoes, salsa, enchilada, refried beans, garlic mashed potatoes, ham and bean soup, a few other bits and pieces. Sounds gross, huh?


It looked horrible. Really, really disgusting.


Though my eyes were revolted and my head told me there was no chance this would be good, I did it anyway. I took my jar of yucky mixed goodies and cooked it all up with some water.


I planned a back up dinner, just in case, and warned the kids our meal would look awful but we’d all try at least one bite.


When push came to shove, guess what happened?! Leftover Stew became one of the ugliest, completely edible and enjoyable meals I’ve ever made!


So, you should try it too! Then tell me about it!


Leftover Stew

Place a large jar in your refrigerator. Whenever you have a leftover (from the pan, not your plate – no saliva-touched food!) dump it in the jar to create a mess of frozen layered food.

When the jar gets full, thaw it out and throw it in the slow cooker with enough water to make it a soup. Wait for awhile, then do a taste test, as you may need to add a bullion cube or such.

Serve it up with bread or crackers.




Have you ever had Leftover Stew? What else do you do with leftovers?



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