“Me Likee” Link Up – November 2012

November’s Winners!

Edited May 2019: We were a part of a wonderful Classical Conversations community for the first eight years of our home education journey. Now, due to poor state leadership and questionable corporate business practices, our family has elected to “consciously uncouple” from our association with the organization and we cannot recommend any others get involved at this time. 

What a wonderful blessing it is to be able to access the world wide web!

(I’m even widening my pool of interesting stuff by using StumbleUpon to seek out new pages! Watch out, friends!)

Because I love it when other people share good stuff, I want to return the favor. Here are my most thought-provoking links for the month.  Please leave your favorite pages and posts in the comments!

1. 7 Strange Animals Bred for Business Purposes. This is a fabulous article about animals. It’s fabulous – and I’ve decided I must have a minicow. Immediately.

2. Would Homeschooling Be a Better Fit for Your Child? 12 Reasons to Homeschool Your Children. It’s wonderful to have an article that encourages you as well as challenges you with several points you’ve never considered!

3. 10 Reasons Why Men Should Not Be Ordained for Ministry. Do you like satire? Yes?! Then this article is for you! I love the sassy take on an age-old argument!

4. Crazy Turkish Dancing. So… I was trying to come up with a hand motion for our Classical Conversations Timeline Song for the Ottoman Empire and I googled “Turkish dance.” This video came up and I’m not going to lie, I’ve watched it repeatedly with much laughter. Thank me later when you stun the people around you with the dance moves you learn while watching. And then, because I was on a YouTube roll, I fell in love with this video: Call Me Maybe. Alright. This isn’t a piece of writing. And it involves nearly naked individuals which truthfully makes me slightly uncomfortable. However, this video was astounding and mesmerizing in the way of a fascination with a snake. Amazing!

5. Hi! I’m My Mother! There are a few things I didn’t get until I became a parent – like I really suspected my parents wanted to make my life miserable sometimes. Then I had my own kids and realized they genuinely loved me and that’s why they did those interfering things! This post made me laugh because I become my parents more and more every day.

6. Toot with Abandon in Odor Eating Underwear. So, they’ve created underwear that descents your gaseous anal emissions. This is a huge step forward for mankind and a future blessing for large gatherings and church services. Unbelievably beautiful.

7. America Gone WildDid you know the U.S. is more highly forested today than it was when the first settlers arrived? Me, neither! This new suburban world we’re living in has some serious wildlife considerations that make for an interesting read!

8. This is to You, The Military Wife. Oh, heavens. I ended up swallowing around a lump in my throat as I read this – and am so grateful for everyone in the armed forces! Read this one, pass it on… please.

9. Regina Brett’s 45 Life Lessons and 5 to Grow On. This little list inspired two blog posts for me… and I still love the basic simplicity of stating, “It’s none of your business what other people think of you.” This is pure wisdom, my friends!

10. Struggle for Smarts? How Eastern and Western Cultures Tackle Learning. It’s no secret I’m fascinated with learning. (Those 10 Spot Rambles are a symptom of this disease!) I also love learning how our cultures dictate our learning styles. This article intrigues me… what do you think about the idea of struggle as a learning tool?

What are your favorites out of this list? Are there any other we should be reading? (Leave them in the comments!)

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