Drummers, please Drum: Introducing…

Bubby's first photo opportunity, back when we though he was a girl.
Bubby’s first photo opportunity, back when we though he was a girl.

I’m doing my own version of the 12 Days of Christmas this year. Today, on the day lyrically celebrated by 12 drummers drumming, I’m going to republish the 12th most popular post on StealingFaith in 2012.


That’s a lot of twelves. I like the symmetry of it all. While you enjoy this little walk down memory lane, I’m going to sit next to my husband on the sofa, listen to the snow fall, and watch a pre-recorded Duck Dynasty. Yep, my life is exciting like that.


And, in case you thought I was announcing a fifth pregnancy, Gotcha. No. Way. Hoo. Say.


Without further ado: Introducing…


I’ve decided to call this one “Fyra,” that’s “four” in Swedish.


We are not Swedish in ancestry, though I have often admired the Swedish beauty, strength and braids. “Fyra” is easier to type than “cuatro,” “quattro,” or “si,” which is Japanese and easy to type, but also sounds so similar to their word for death it is often confusing to the non-native speakers.


So… we’ll go with the Swedes.


And we’re really excited to meet this new little one. The ultrasound maestro said she’s 80% sure this little one is a girl.


We like girls.


(The December 18, 2012 response to this post… this was the single highest read post that wasn’t a search engine fluke I’ve ever had on StealingFaith. Turns out… there was an unnoticed appendage in the above ultra sound photo and we produced a boy instead of a girl. And I call him Bubby, not Fyra. He’s pretty cool – we’ve discovered we like boys, too.)



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