Gold Rush

Gold Rush / Discovery Channel
Gold Rush / Discovery Channel

We’re spending an exciting Friday night on the sofa catching up on TiVo. Gold Rush, Discovery Channel’s reality television show about Alaska gold miners, is up first in our line up.


I kept hearing snorts of disgust from the other inhabitant of the lounging device in our living room so I finally asked, “OK, give me five reason why Gold Rush is bugging you so much.”


Here is the response.


5 Reasons Why My Husband Thinks Gold Rush is Stupid


1. Todd.


2. Todd.


3. Todd.


4. Todd.


5. Todd.


And there you have it, folks. I know it may be hard to get a sense of Lizard’s feelings on this, but what he’s really trying to say us that he doubts Todd’s leadership.


Usually Lizard only talks to the t.v. when there’s a scandalous sports call, but tonight I hear muttering, snorts of disgust, and statements about idiocy. I can’t lie, it’s pretty funny.


Do you like Gold Rush? Does it irritate you? Why or why not?

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