Why I Shut Down

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I wrote a blog post yesterday while my blood was boiling. It’s proof the gray hairs on my head have had at least a tiny mellowing effect – I didn’t just hit the “publish” button and think, “to heck with anyone who disagrees with me!”


I’ve learned that when I’m… intense… sometimes it’s best to take my time and calm down a little. It makes it much nicer and requires fewer apologies. So, instead, I spent time thinking and tried to start another kinder, gentler blog post:


“Dear Kiddos,

Yesterday you played house, colored, ran in circles and sucked on your toes (respectively), while a nation tuned in to watch a woman prance around in black lace, and see a guy and a gal publicly make out. Oh, and two football teams pummeled each other vying for a “world” title that really only matters to one nation.”


And then I stopped. Because, really, where do you go after that start? While I puzzled my sleep-deprived brain shut down and I fretted because nothing I was thinking was funny. There was no spin I could use, no sarcastic twist… because I cared too much.


This world, it’s complicated. And there are so many, many things that are broken.


I really, really care that my daughters are learning womanhood is saturated in sexualization. I am grieving how many people believe it’s ok for my son’s view of women to be shaped by pornography.


That’s not very funny, is it? But it’s true.


There are times I get so overwhelmed by the things that are simply messed up I freeze. I see the advertisements for massages in the newspaper – a thin veneer of decency on top of prostitution and human trafficking – and my stomach hurts.


That’s not funny.


I watch how we injure one another within our conflict – whether it be supporting Chick-fil-A or abortion or gun control – and recognize we’ve forgotten how to agree to disagree. I am the first offender in the crime of not listening with an open heart most of the time, I’m very fond of my own opinion.


There’s not much humor in that, is there?


I do hope I can come back with guns blazing tomorrow, writing a post worthy of syndication, beauty, and toilet-requiring hilarity because that’s not the blog post I have on my mind right now. I hope you’re ok with that on occasion.


Until then, I’d welcome any suggestions of how to be a part of the solution for some of these problems…



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