“Me Likee” Link Up – February 2013

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“Me Likee” Link Up!

What with me spending so many days examining the backs of my eyelids at the end of February, I wasn’t able to complete a “Me Likee” link up of the articles that tickled me during the month.


Be not dismayed, I can correct this oversight… right now! Presenting, the February 2013 “Me Likee” Link Up!!


1. Why Does My Kid Freak Out? This beautiful article was inspired by this hilarious blog post, 46 Reasons Why My Three-Year-Old Might Be Freaking Out. There is nothing quite so funny as truth and realizing you’re not the only one dealing with an OCD toddler. Enjoy!


2. ‘Just Friends’ and Other Lies. February is the month of love and yet many, many people find themselves wondering what on Earth just happened with their crazy romantic relationships. This article gives six truths about love I thought were fun and interesting.


3. Call Me Maybe? I’ve seen this video of military men copying the Miami Dolphin’s cheerleaders lip syncing to this song before… but it never fails to make me giggle.


4. Legends in Their Own Mind. This is one of those video compilations of things that make you wince, squirm, and laugh out loud. Have fun being thankful it didn’t happen to you.


5. 10 Brutally Honest Valentine’s from Kids. I’ll have to have my kids make Valentine’s next year because I’m sure they would come up with some gems. Which reminds me, earlier this week Uno told me, “Mommy, I’m glad you and Daddy are together. You’re a good fit – not to fat, not to skinny, and the right length for each other.” If that’s not a reason for romance… I don’t know love.


6. Why I Think Moms Want To Quit Homeschooling. I enjoy articles that build a sense of solidarity and normalcy. This fits that description – and encouraged me to continue to educate my children according to my conscience. Good stuff.


7. Teaching My Daughter To Love Her Future Body. There was wisdom in this post about a conversation between mom and daughter about body image. It made me happy, happy, happy.


8. So, You’re Feeling Too Fat To Be Photographed? How many times do we pull ourselves out of the game because we feel “less than” in some way? Too many is the answer. This is a lovely perspective about our need to be photographed, despite how we feel about our external image.


9. Children and the Culture of Pornography. This article made my blood boil and my stomach heave. I have so many words in response to this idea of overt sexualization that I can’t write about it rationally yet. But I’m ever so grateful this author was able to find words…


10. Pick Up Lines for the Ultimate Dave Ramsey Fan. The Dave Ramsey movement has been beneficial to so many people, including us!, that I’d recommend it to anyone. But when you’re able to combine financial advice and romance… well, there’s humor there, my friends!


Hope you enjoy these links from February – please put your own favorite articles from the month in the comments!



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