Three Eyes

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You know those moments when you wonder if your children hear anything you’re saying? If they’re listening at all?


Well, I can state definitively, right now, that Dos has heard at least a little bit of the conversation around this house.


I think I’ve mentioned here that we are now raising rabbits. As Lizard and I talk about our breeding stock, etc., we’ve had several discussions about genetics, widening the gene pool, and inbreeding vs. line breeding. The kids have listened but not really participated in these conversations.


But tonight at bedtime I realized I had underestimated my second child. Here is the story she told me:


“Once upon a time there was a nice King and a nice Queen and there was three princesses and one prince. And thems were all going to get married except then they knew if they married the prince thems might have babies with three eyes.”


And that, my friends, tells me she knows at least a little about genetics. And she won’t be marrying her cousin (or brother). What a relief!



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