“Me Likee” Link Up – March 2013

March 2013
March 2013

I can’t believe a month has gone by since the last “Me Likee” Link Up – except it’s obvious that it has because I had to turn the page on the calendar. It was quite traumatic for me because when I turned the page I also discovered, despite the reappearance of fluorescent colors in clothing, the year is not 1985.


Which means I’ve also really got to do something about my helmet hair.


Moving on…


March was a good month for links, as you’ll see. I can guarantee you’ll get some laughs, some Ah-Ha’s, and possibly a tear or two. Give it a whirl – and enjoy!


1. Creepiest Easter Bunny Photos Ever Taken. This collection of Easter Bunny photos made me laugh out loud, cringe, and my stomach feel all quivery from concern. It is epic. It is disturbing. It is worth the click to see for yourself.


2. Seven Things We Must Tell Our Daughters. I’m a sucker for the stuff that makes me pause and try to be an intentional parent – and this article did just that. This is a sketchy world for our daughters… and yet, if we pay attention, there’s every reason to believe they will live in success. That’s good news!


3. To the parents of young children: Let Me Be The One Who Says It Out Loud. I realized after reading this post I have been ruined by Facebook. I kept looking for a “like” button on sentences all the way through… and that’s not how it works! But, despite my inability to communicate without a “like” button, this is a great, honest reflection on the joy – and pain – of parenting.


4. 18 Reasons Why Doctors and Lawyers Homeschool Their Children. Written by a closet homeschooler, this article made me very, very happy because it clearly articulates many of the reasons we homeschool. Of course, we aren’t doctors or lawyers. But I guess it’s ok that we homeschool anyway.


5. The Internet Narcissism Epidemic. Have you ever read your social media feed and rolled your eyes at what you see? I’m sure people do that to my feed, too, on occasion, but there are the people who are always bragging or posting terribly awkward pictures of their pectoral muscles. Introducing: the narcissism epidemic. It’s here. It’s real. And it’s it’s been documented with the written word for eternity in this post.


6. When Engagement Photos Go Wrong. Do Not Click This Link unless you want to cringe. And laugh. Because nothing says forthcoming wedded bliss like these horrible images of love struck gone wrong.


7. Cheetos for Breakfast: A Letter to Young Mothers. We all need the reminder to go easy on ourselves once in awhile and this note communicates the essential need for grace as a parent.


8. Winner’s Anonymous: Breaking our Addiction to the Extraordinary. Are you ok if you’re truly normal? Ordinary? Really? Or are you still looking for that special something where you completely excel? What’s wrong with being average? This post challenged my own commitment to extraordinary and I suspect it might make you think differently, too.


9. Homeschooling Held Hostage. Here’s an excellent article on the standards homeschoolers hold themselves to… and an honest reflection on the pros and cons of that pressure.


10. I Tried on Spanx and Almost Called 911. I saved the best for last… or maybe not exactly the best, but certainly the one that made me worry about incontinence! I laughed and laughed at this story – with illustrations – and want to share the joy with you!


What were your favorite articles and posts from the last month? Please share in the comments!




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