“Mount” the Challenge

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A few of my girlfriends decided to do some Bible Scripture memorization this summer and I got jealous.


I don’t know that it can be called a Godly jealousy because, well, I was jealous. Even though it was about God stuff!


I’ve decided that I wouldn’t be jealous about this if I didn’t care, so I’m going to do my best to knock the cobwebs out of my sleep deprived brain and memorize the Sermon on the Mount this summer.


A few years ago there was a visiting pastor in church. Usually I truly hate it when the pastor is out of town because someone fills in who isn’t very good. Or engaging. And sometimes they have nasal problems and click when they talk.


(I’m sure there’s a lightening bolt with my name on it right now. But I figure it’s better to be honest about my prejudices.)


Anyway, if I had known it was a guest pastor I would have ditched church but I didn’t and people typically frown on you running out the door as soon as the sermon starts, so I was in for the long haul.


Imagine my surprise when the guys starts out by reciting the Beatitudes. Then I expected him to stop… but he went on. For 15 minutes. Reciting Matthew 5, 6, and 7.


At the end of the day, it was the coolest sermon I think I’ve ever heard. There was something very rich about hearing it recited and “delivered” rather than read. It stuck with me.


And now, out of a pure sense of competition and jealousy, I’m going to try to memorize it myself! Keep me accountable, OK?


Ann Voskamp has a nice memorization plan, but I like the way this blogger chunked the sections so I’m going to be following her plan:


Week 1: The Beautitudes (Mt 5:1-12)
Week 2: Salt and Light (Mt. 5: 13-16)
Week 3: Christ Came to Fulfill the Law (Mt.5: 17-20)
Week 4: Anger (Mt. 5: 21-26)
Week 5: Lust (Mt 5: 27-30)
Week 6: Divorce (Mt. 5:31-32)
Week 7: Oaths (Mt. 5:33- 37)
Week 8: Retaliation (Mt. 5: 38-42)
Week 9: Love Your Enemies (Mt. 5: 43-48)
Week 10: Giving to the Needy (Mt. 6: 1-4)
Week 11: The Lord’s Prayer (Mt. 6: 5-15)
Week 12: Fasting  (Mt. 6: 16-18)
Week 13: Lay Up Treasures in Heaven (Mt.6:19- 24)
Week 14: Do Not Be Anxious (Mt. 6: 25-34)
Week 15: Judging Others (Mt. 7:1-6)
Week 16: Ask, And It Will Be Given (Mt.7:7-11)
Week 17: The Golden Rule (Mt. 7: 12-14)
Week 18: A Tree and Its Fruit (Mt. 7:15-20)
Week 19: I Never Knew You (Mt. 7:21-23)
Week 20: Build Your House on the Rock (Mt. 7: 24-27)
Week 21: The Authority of Jesus (Mt. 7: 28-29)

Because I like pretty things, I’m going to be taking these chunks of Scripture and printing them with colors and stuff. I’ll post each section over on my facebook page as I get it done, so if you’re crazy enough to join me, hop on over and print it out as we go along!


I’d love the company! Wanna stretch your mind with me?



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2 thoughts on ““Mount” the Challenge

  • April 9, 2013 at 9:19 am

    I love this idea…and I just might join you. I usually put Bible verses to song as a means of helping me memorize. Hm. That could pose a unique challenge in this case!

  • April 9, 2013 at 1:04 pm

    I will totally do this with you!!


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