That Ain’t Bambi

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The past bit of time has been extremely hectic and filled with Concerns, so tonight I sat down and thought about things that make me laugh.


I took a look at Samba the Great Dane, who is roughly the size of a pony, and remembered the story of the deer who attacked a hunter. Take a moment to watch this video: Deer Attack.



Now. I’m not sure about you but to me there were two items giving this story a certain comic appeal:


A) Urine. I understand commitment to a hobby, but the guy sprayed the urine of another creature all over his body and into his mouth. That takes a special kind of crazy and it absolutely a respectable reason for getting his head hammered by a hoofed grazer.


B) Matrimony. This dude has obviously spent so much time hunting his wife has decided he has whatever he gets coming to him. The lady didn’t drop the video camera and run to assist… nope… she kept the camera rolling while her husband got molested by a wild animal.


As a child I visited a Deer Farm located near our home. I always loved petting and feeding the deer, their black, shiny, snotty noses snuffling after me for bits of corn. It was a highlight!


Now, I don’t think I’ll take my kids to the Deer Farm for quite awhile. I had never realized how vicious one of those animals can be,but lesson learned from my urine swigging friend, I will avoid the stag at all costs until my children are old enough to take one for the team themselves.


What stuck out to you about this video?



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