A Few of My Favorite Summertime Things

summer lovin'
summer lovin’

It’s summer time. Summer time is a special season, filled with burning the backs of your legs on the car seats, watermelon seed spitting contests, and quick underarm sniff to reassure yourself that, yes, you did actually apply the antiperspirants/deodorant today.


In honor of this glorious season, a list of a few things I love about summer (and I’d love to hear your favorites in the comments!):


  • freshly shaven legs sliding into clean bed sheets
  • early morning sunshine
  • birds chirping
  • squirrels chasing one another in the age-old love scramble
  • late nights with friends
  • cold, bubbly refreshing beverages
  • water in your ears from swimming
  • attitude of possibilities
  • freedom from responsibilities
  • free time for family time
  • Chacos
  • pony tails and sunglasses
  • camping
  • swimming in creeks and lakes and rivers
  • mud pies
  • blackberry picking
  • family reunions
  • hearing the corn grow
  • Sonic cherry limeade
  • the smell of camp fires
  • dirt


What are your favorites?




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