Doggie Bail

We've gotta spring the puddle from the pound.
We’ve gotta spring the puddle from the pound.

Let’s talk about the dog pound.


Until today I believed the humane society was a cool place to go and visit animals. I didn’t realize they were blood-sucking, money loving leeches.


Before you get all up in arms and take me to task, let me tell you I’ve been pro humane society my whole life. I volunteered there growing up and I generally enjoy pets and am in favor of what they represent.


But today our crazy dog Sam dug a hole under our fence. I saw her taking off down the road and hollered at her from the kitchen window. Dos and I both took off after her, yelling and she never looked back.


We loaded up the car and drove the neighborhood for 40 minutes, trying to find her. We asked every person in the street if they had seen her. Nothing.


I called and left a message with the humane society, which didn’t open for another 1/2 hour. I gave them my number, a description of the runaway puddle, comforted the kiddos, and waited.


About an hour later I got a call that a dog matching that description had been brought in from our area. And that it would be $162 to get her back.


Ummmm…… that was unexpected.


By my calculations, that’s a little more than $1/minute they had her in their possession.


It’s about 162 times more than we paid to get the dog in the first place.


It’s two times the amount they’d charge me if I walked into the shelter and asked to adopt a small white poodle with a really wacked out attitude and crazy fear of thunder.


I’ve really been under the impression the humane society exists to help animals find their forever homes. And we have a dog whose forever home is now in jeopardy because $162 is two weeks worth of grocery budget for our family.


Seriously?! How can this be good for the pet population of America?! Can someone explain this to me??? In addition to the explanation, I’m taking donations so I can bail the puddle out of the doggie penitentiary. Feel free to contribute if you’d like.


Have you ever had to bail your dog out of the pound and did you have to sell a kidney to pay for it?



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