I Used to Have a Bedroom

This used to be my bedroom.
This used to be my bedroom.

Those of you who have read for awhile know that a bit less than three years ago our family moved to a home measuring about 800 square feet. It was a lesson in coziness as we fit the humans, the Great Dane, and the poodles in the new space.


We’ve added a son and lost a poodle since the beginning, but there’s no doubt we’ve been all up in each other’s business for awhile now.


Yesterday, the day we’ve schemed toward arrived.


We began the remodel.


The remodel will morph our 800 square feet into almost 1,500 square feet, adding a bathroom, loft, and open living space. We’ve been kicking around plans and consulting experts and doing our best to dot the “i’s” and cross the “t’s” and yesterday, glorious yesterday, the work began!


They started by destroying our closet. Then the wall divider, the ceiling was raised, and holes were cut in the concrete pad to create the support beams for the loft.


Dust flew, men worked, and my glee was contagious.


Believe it or not, however, they didn’t finish the remodel in one day.


Extreme Makeovers has given me a different perspective of the timing of these things.


So last night I slept on the sofa because our bedroom is no longer. I have tip toed through the 8″ pathway between the boxes and microwave to reach the trash can.


There’s a reality of remodel I’ve never experienced. In order to get to 1,500 square feet our home has been reduced to 600 usable square feet.




I don’t know how long this is going to take. I’m getting scared. I can’t find my pants.


No. Seriously.


I can’t find my pants.



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