Weekly Top 5 (6.16.19)

The Top 5 Posts that Brought You Here this Week

This is the first week I’ve felt like it’s really summer. This is the downside of living in a location where it snows on Memorial Day! I’ve been busy planting the garden, thinking hard, and trying to soak up every moment. You all, my dear readers, have been busy checking out these posts!

1. A Million Ways. “You may find yourself indecisive today. June and July are known for both wild uncertainty and unfettered promise in homeschool land! As much as you should make no major decisions about homeschooling in February or March… the homeschool slump months… and we should also give ourselves a break in June and July when we’re all full of dreams and ambitions and not sure what to do with them!”

2. Paperclips & Mobs. “This is a very simple interaction, but it is an example of the mob mentality that keeps people from speaking up when they decide to leave <educational curriculum/method>. Complete strangers suddenly have opinions, and go on the offense when they hear a whisper of negativity. This is not normal behavior.”

3. Inclusive Communities. “What does it mean to intentionally create a community of Inclusion?”

4. My Latin Plan (Fabio’s World). “The teacher’s aide who taught our class was a larger than life replica of Fabio, the man who graced the front cover of hundreds of 80s era romance novels, couldn’t ever quite get over the taste of butter, and was tragically pegged in the protrudere by a passing pigeon while riding a roller coaster at Busch Gardens Williamsburg.”

5.The Fatties are Coming! “All of this made me wonder: For a feminist-leaning, body-image-awareness spouting, educated woman… how much skinny hype have I gobbled down without awareness? What should my next step be as I adjust my perspective?”

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